Sunday, January 13, 2013

Censored in China

10:00 AM

Not to brag, but I have one patient who lives in China.  He is seeing me for an appointment next month.  I suspect that he is coming back to Seattle to visit his mother and is throwing in a visit with me just because he is in town, but I prefer to reverse that and say that he's flying all the way over here to see me.  He gets the award for my patient who lives the farthest away.  All that to say that he has taken an interest in this whole Gabrielle journey, but has expressed frustration that the Chinese government has blocked access to this blog.  For some reason, that sounds pretty exciting in a subversive sort of way.  Makes me think that Gabrielle is one of those ragamuffins singing about when tomorrow comes on the barricades in Les Mis.  Apart from China, people from eight countries, at last count, have been following her.  So, perhaps we should rename the blog "the whole world (except the Chinese government) loves Gabrielle".  I don't know what she did to offend them.  Heck, some of our first dates were the old Ming Tree and Toys Cafe restaurants in Bellevue.  Daniel is friends with the Louies folks of Ballard fame, so we are well connected.

As far as medical updates go, she is currently noshing on some thinned cream of wheat with a HUGE smile on her face.  Kids have just showed up and they are forcing me to leave so that I can get some rest.  I will tell them that I am heading straight home to bed.  How will they know that I am making a beeline for the Ram Sports Bar at Northgate to check on the Hawks?  Go Seahawks!

I have instructed them to update you guys shortly in matters medical.  As for the Seahawks, as far as I know, they are banned in China too.

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  1. Leave it to you Dudley's to get a blog banned in china! Have you been secretly trying to communicate illegal things to them on here? Love you guys!