Friday, January 11, 2013

in surgery

Steve here.  1:54 PM

Has been in surgery since 11:38 AM.  That's the time on the fancy electronic progress board.  She is actually Patient 4131 or something like that on the display.  It is confusing as there is a surgeon working  in the OR with last name of Dudley, so first glance makes it look as Gabrielle is all over the place.  But she is in just one OR.

Had phone call from one of the techs about 10 minutes ago.  They have proceeded to the open surgery, so up till now, has been getting laparoscopic evaluation, surgery.  In my mind, this is good news, getting the open surgery and all because it means they are going to be aggressive today and get all the concerning areas out and that she won't have to come back in a week or two for a second procedure.  Have not heard any word on intraoperative findings.  Am assuming the rapid pathology report showed cancer of the ovary, but pure conjecture.

Clarification of a prior entry.  Someone called to ask about no cancer elsewhere.  I meant to say that all the other studies were reassuring and that there was no evidence of metastasis: bones, brain, lungs, etc.  However, that doesn't mean that she is free of ovarian cancer.  That's what they are going after right now.  Well, more later.  


  1. Thank you for the continued updates. Thinking of each of you, Christine

  2. Yes, thanks for updates! Praying earnestly for best possible outcome!

  3. That is remarkable how in-touch they are keeping you through this process. Yay! - Christine