Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nap time

12:50  Nap time.

No, I am not going to turn into one of those Tweeters or bloggers who chronicles ever little thing, but am giving a brief update nonetheless.  Sleeping soundly right now after a lap around the floor with assistance of her very friendly CNA, Ify.  An extra shot of pain med and she is off in La la land for a well-deserved nap.

Saw Emily, the PA who works with Dr. M. today.  She was very optimistic but ended her words on an ominous note: "today, she will love me, but not tomorrow.  Tomorrow is when we pull the plug on the IV pain meds."  Thrills.  One of the oncologists also came by and had a very nice, long talk with us about how things are going.  He was also upbeat and positive.  I'm happy to take any upbeat, positive vibes that he sends our way.  Maybe it is augmented by all those prayers, kind thoughts, lit candles, food baskets, kind comments via e-mail, text, blog comments.  No matter, we'll take them all.

So now, I am in the corner tapping away while the sound of the IV whirs along.  It is a very comforting sound.  Renee has stepped out to bring us lunch.  I opened my wallet and showed her some bills.  For some strange reason, her nimble fingers instinctively bypassed a bunch of ones and went for the lone $20 note, even before the number was visible.  How do kids do that?  Must be an inborn skill or something.  And for good measure, she also snagged the Visa card before I could bat an eye.  Like I said, smart kid.

And that, my friends is pretty much it.  Emily, the PA said today would be a boring day.  Totally fine by me.  I'll take boring after the past few days we've had.  Am delighted to report no new surgeries, procedures, test reports.   Just healing, resting and trying her best to drink two ounces of apple juice.  I wish I could join her, but have that pork burrito to contend with, then I'll have to chase down my wayward Visa card.


  1. Grateful for any and all news, Steve. Thank you!Persistently praying. xo

  2. I'm with Maribeth! Thanks sweetie-pie. We love you - from down under

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  4. Hi Steve, Renee, Daniel, this is Nicole, Doris's daughter. Just wanted to let you know David and I are thinking of you all, holding Gabrielle in our hearts. My Mom speaks so highly of Gabrielle's strength and her spirit. We are rooting for her and send you our support. Thank you for updates. Love, Nicole Schwinkendorf and David Yeaworth

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