Friday, January 11, 2013

Pre surgery update

Steve here.  10:45 AM
Dr. McGonigle (hereafter referred to as Dr. M) just came in.  She said that she has reviewed biopsy reports and various imaging studies with the radiologists, pathologists and says no evidence of cancer anywhere so far.  There was some inflammation on the bowel and a small concern that the ileum has some inflammatory changes that would preclude surgery.  However, she has also consulted with a colorectal surgeon (who is winding down a case in the OR right now).  Has asked him to pop in and look at the bowel while Gabrielle is in surgery just to have his perspective, in case it is Crohn's.

So the plan for now is to proceed with surgery and get the colorectal surgeon to provide some assistance with the bowel part and then GO FOR IT!

Gabrielle is in very good spirits.  Is cheerful and taking one last gander around her "hotel" room at the wonderful flowers, cards, balloon, etc before she is wheeled off to the OR.  Has had a burst of steroids to help with the inflammation and may get an epidural for post op pain.

Gotta go!  her chariot awaits!

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