Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday evening

7:00 P.M.

Not doing great right now.  Earlier in the afternoon, she was much perkier.  Has been up and walking.  Took two walks (being careful to add an extra gown so as not to add to the upcoming full moon in the sky) and did quite well.  Ate two servings of Jello.  Let's see now, that's a total of 200 calories in the last four days.  We are waiting for some chicken broth to be sent up from the cafeteria.  When Sara, the nurse's aid, asked Gabrielle what she wanted, broth-wise, she offered the choice of beef, chicken or vegetable.  Gabrielle quickly said, "chicken", to which I added: "She only wants broth from free-range organic chickens from the People's Cooperative Collective in Sequim".  For some reason that resulted in a blank stare from Sara.  After Sara left to hunt down the aforementioned free-range broth, Renee reminded me, yet again, that people don't understand me.  She's been reminding me of that for years and I still say things like that.

As for Gabrielle, pain is getting worse right now.  Rates it as an 8 out of 10.  Has called for the anesthesiologist who has ordered up a bolus dose of Dilaudid and will be up shortly after he is done with a C-section.  I suppose that's reasonable.  She is also having a fever:  100.6.  An hour ago, it was 100.  If it gets a little higher, she gets blood cultures to look for infection.  Just got some Tylenol on board, so that should help.  A moment ago, for the first time since checking in to Hotel Northwest, a tiny frown came across her face, indicating she's having a tough go.  

But, good things along the way:  on her walk, she paused at the gathering area adjacent to the elevator where she was delighted to see a delightful pink glow across the sky and Mt. Rainier in the distance.  She planted herself and reflected on the time that she climbed that mountain as if it were a walk in the park.

Speaking of Mt. Rainier, our dear friend, Frank Minton came by to visit two days ago.  He's the one who led the ascent of Mt. Rainier.  In our visitor's log, he wrote the most encouraging words as they pertained to Gabrielle, the Mountain (summiters always capitalize it...kind of a cool thing to do), and her current struggle.  I would like to quote him as we were all so touched by his wise words.  I hope you don't mind, Frank.

From Frank:
Remember when we climbed Mt. Rainier that the ascent became increasingly difficult, the yawning crevasses were scary, each step was painful, and you were tempted more than once to stop.  Yet, you persevered and reached the top.  The next day, as you met people struggling upwards, you could flash a high five saying "I made it".
This evening of January 10 you are figuratively at Camp Muir and you have challenges ahead, but you have the faith and will power to triumph this time too.  On Mt. Rainier only four people were on your rope, but this time scores of friends who love and admire you are on your rope team.
We will be with you as you progress, and our thoughts and prayers are especially with you during surgery.

Wise words from a wise man.  Here's to everyone on her rope team.  You guys are amazing.


  1. We are so totally PULLING for you, Gabby! Keep looking up!
    Frank's words are wonderful and give us all an image of unstoppable, victorious Gabby!
    You can do this!!!
    Much love,
    Steve, keep up the good humor! Keep them guessing as only you can!

  2. Very moving. Rod and Ruth Stiling praying also!