Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday morning

9:10 AM
Steve here.
Renee and I are at home, while Danny the Champion of the World took care of ministering to Gabrielle.  So far, he reports she is in good spirits this morning, but doesn't think she will be up for visitors today.  So all you kind people viewing from places far and wide (some as far as Europe) don't need to hop on the Concorde just yet.

No medical updates, but a couple of quick stories.

The first has to do with that little uterus pin I alluded to yesterday.  I guess you find it at  No, this isn't a commercial and I don't get royalties.  The kids pointed out that I caught Dr. M. by surprise when I told her that (embarrasingly this is an exact quote from me, not one of my finer interactions with a doctor), "I love your assistant's uterus."  Kids were quick to point out that I meant her uterus pin, her uterus pin!  Good thing she wasn't a breast surgeon.

On another note, I don't know if this is a true story or even if I have the person right, but if it isn't, it ought to be:
The great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor once walked in to a classroom of future missionaries with a glass of water in his hand.  He put it down on the desk and then slammed his fist hard on the table, causing the contents to spill all over the place.  He then said to the students, "Your life is like this glass of water.  When it is shaken, what is inside comes out."  I know I am not saying it exactly right, but you get the point. 
All that to say that Gabrielle's life has been shaken this week like never before.  Through it all, what has been shaken has come out: kindness, joy, patience, strength.  I have never been more proud of her than I have this week.  Not once has an angry word crossed her lips.  She doesn't complain (other than about the sandpaper that passes for Kleenex at the hospital) and has been what I consider to be a model patient.  Yesterday's anesthesiologist came out and told me that it was "an honor to be working with such a patient".  You don't hear doctors say that every day.  Gabrielle is cheerful and upbeat to the nurses, wanting to make sure she pronounces their names correctly, asks them where they went to school, if they are married (OK, so she is trolling for mates for my kids, I know) and is a delight to be around.  I suspect that the asking about schooling part is because she is hoping to find an SPU grad so she can put her fundraising skills to good use. 

We'll leave soon for the hospital.  Today is a rest day, as are many yet to come.  Thanks to all who are taking an interest in this kind person.  She is amazed at all the "hits" far and wide on this blog.


  1. So like Gabrielle to be thinking of those with whom she is interacting. WOnderful to know the best possible outcomes for the surgery. Prayers and love to all of you. -- Margaret D.

  2. That's our Gabrielle! Love her so much. Thank you, Steve, for your frequent posts. It means so much to be connected. Love to all of you!

  3. Thank you Steve for your great posts. Gabrielle is our hero! Gabrielle I hope you get some rest. Lots of prayers headed your way!!!!

  4. Gabrielle: I just KNEW that's the kind of patient you would be - bringing God's love and light to every situation! You are the very best . . . even if you ARE looking for spouses and donors!

  5. Hey - how can you find spouses & donors, without asking questions and listening? That's one of the reasons my big sis is so great! I can't wait until a potential suitor comes along while THEY get the 20 questions (or more likely FIFTY when it comes to her own kids!), that she'll be asking them ... and listening to. She's done it to all our suitors, including my husband and kids'! Gabrielle is an example to us all. And always has been. I LOVE YOU BIG SIS!!!

    Steve: your posts are so wonderful & witty, just like you. YES, it was SO HYSTERICAL to watch as you said to Dr. M. "I love your Assistant's uterus so much that we ordered 20"! I am still LOLing about it as I see it in my mind's eye all happening in slo-mo last evening! CRACK ME UP. - A clear sign that you are a bit out of sorts, because it is rare for anything unintentional to come out of your mouth - including the funny and obnoxious statements!

    Your citation regarding the Glass of Water is amazinginly wonderful and well-said. I wish I could say the several times (dare I say "many" times?) my glass has been shaken, the "best" did not always splash out. Good thing I'm Gab's YOUNGER sister, as that means there's still hope for me!

    And to you all: your family interactions are always a lovely thing to see ... but your immediate synchrynization (is there spell check on this thing?) & cooperation - with ONLY concern for one another - has been beautiful. How many times did I hear a tired Renee & Steve ask the rested Daniel, "Are you sure you're okay staying tonight?" - Your rotation of 3 on, 3 off without question, is amazing, and I'm so honored to be sistie & auntie to all of you!

    Finally, please KNOW, that if you 3 weren't handling it so well, I'd be there 24/7 for sure. If either of you needs out of the sync for a night, or you 3 need to meet with doctors while I hold Gabrielle's hand, the speed of light will have nothing over the fact I'm an hour away!