Monday, January 14, 2013

Songs in the night

8:04 PM
Steve here.

Not much to add from a medical perspective.  Renee said it all.  Just a random thought to pass on (indulge me, it's therapeutic to write).  It has to do with songs.  Recently on the way home from the  hospital, I turned on the Oldies station.  No kidding, first song up was "Feeling Stronger Every Day"!  I can dig it!  It was a message from the 60's just for Gabrielle.

Tonight, on the way home, the Eagles were welcoming me to "Hotel California, what a nice surprise, what a nice surprise!"  In my mind, I morphed the words to "Hotel NW Hospital", but the syllables didn't match.  Still, I hummed along (sing?  me?  who are you kidding?).  I liked the whole song except where they sang about how you can "check out but you can never leave".  We'll see about that at Hotel NW Hospital!  Maybe Wednesday?  I hope, I hope.  If the "feelin' stronger every day" song has any impact, Wednesday will do just fine, thank you very much.

Next up, back in the woods somewhere lived a cute girl named Gaby B. Goode.  Go, Gaby, go, go, go!  Gaby B. Goode.  Thanks, a lot, Chuck Berry, you made my night!

Yesterday, at church, I got very hopeful.  The final song came up on the overhead.  I was busy pondering the hospital stay, what the bills would be like and (this is the honest truth, I wouldn't lie about a church song) there, up on the screen in two foot high letters was "Jesus Paid it All".  Wow!  Now if that ain't an answer to prayer, I don't know what is!  Sadly, Ron, the choir director had other plans and shook it off quicker than an ace big league pitcher who didn't like the signal from the catcher.  Next up was "My Jesus I Love Thee".  I guess that'll do.

All this is to say that songs speak to me.  They encourage me, make me laugh and the rare ones even get me to sing along.  Off the top of my head, the only two that can do that are the last half of Hey Jude (na na na na, in case you didn't know) and the Big Rock Candy Mountain from O, Brother, Where Art Thou (I especially like the part where there's a lake of stew...).  So this is a request to any and all:  I need some good suggestions for healing, uplifting, make me smile, happy songs a la "Feeling stronger every day".  Do you know any?  Please let me know.  I see that Renee tweaked the settings, so comments may be easier.  I will dutifully take your suggestions and turn them over to the under 30 contigency of the Dudley family, along with my Visa card and point them in the direction of iTunes.  I think Gabrielle will like it.  As for the "Jesus paid it all", could you please send that one directly to Premera?  Thanks ever so much.


  1. Steve, Your thoughts about inspiring songs reminded me of this video done at childrens hospital a few months ago with cancer patients. I found it moving and inspirational.


    1. Here's the linke:

    2. Thanks for sending this link along, David. Now that's inspiring and the sort of song I was talking about.


  2. Hi Cuzz'n,

    Suggest you enjoy The Turtles crooning
    "We've got a Groovy kind of Love"
    @ .

    You Lovin' Oregon Cuzz'n

  3. Thank you for changing the settings, I have tried to leave notes but end up getting bumped into cyberspace. Gabrielle I am praying for you. Stay strong!!! With love, Karen

  4. The "Jesus Paid it All" slide story is that it got bumped from Communion for the sake of time. The guys upstairs (that would be Luke) got the signal to go to the next song-- but obviously God wanted you to see it before we skipped it. Pretty cool! :)
    I'll be thinking about songs to recommend... but what comes to mind immediately is not very pastoral-- "Fly Like and Eagle"-- Steve Miller Band! Now that's uplifting! :)

  5. Steve -- The Proclaimers, "I Would Walk 500 Miles." :) You will be smiling! MB