Friday, February 22, 2013

And another one bites the dust!

Dear friends and family,

Gabrielle here.  Let me share with you the good news of my day!

First, I had a brief nice visit with my mom and sister this morning right before chemo.  I tried on the wig for them and they liked it.  Now I am seriously thinking head shaving day might be Monday or Tuesday.  It's just such a mess everywhere as it falls out so quickly now. 

When I got to chemo and they checked my blood counts, they told me they were good enough to get chemo #5.  Yippee!  They aren't "great," that's for sure.  Please pray I develop more red and white blood cells.  The doc did says as my hematacrit drops (# of red blood, 27), that there will be a blood transfusion or two in my future. 

Next, before the chemo started, my nurse Leah came in with more great news.  My genetic testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes came back. I do not have either gene!!!!!  These are hereditary genes that can cause breast and ovarian cancer.  So I got my ovarian cancer some other "fluke" way--not by being a gene carrier.  Since I don't have the gene, neither do Renee or Daniel.  If I had it, there would have been 60% chance that both I and Renee would get breast cancer.  Not anymore!  This is a HUGE answer to prayer.  I am so grateful to God for this news--particularly for Renee.

After the chemo was dripping away into my shoulder port, the doctor and my nurses Janelle and Trinity came and took ONE MORE fluid sample from my abdominal port to send to the lab and make sure it's not infected.  It takes three days to culture it.  If NOT infected, they will use the port two weeks from today for the two-drug chemo.  If it IS infected, they have to remove the port and won't put one back in.  Please pray it will be free and clear to use!

Lastly, regarding the pain on my right side, my doctor examined me and called my primary doc to discuss together.  They don't think it's cancer related at all, they don't think it's a kidney stone or it would have shown up on the CT scans done a few weeks back of my organs. They think it might be a bad muscle pull as I've been overcompensating with my obliques when my center abdominal muscles have been healing at the incision site.  So they are trying out a muscle relaxant for the next three days.  If it hasn't improved a lot by Monday, I'll go in again and they will probably do a scan.  I HOPE and pray this simple fix will work!  This muscle relaxant makes one sleepy so I will probably doze right through the Oscars on Sunday!

Now I am home, tired, on a Friday night.  Steve is sitting across from me, looking cute in his buzz cut, and working on his cancer journey macrame chord.  Daniel just made us an appetizer of guacamole and chips (avacados are one of my top five foods in the world).  Now Daniel's making noodles with pesto, parm, and pine nuts with asparagus for dinner.  With all the i/v anti-nausea meds, tonight is the night to EAT.  Renee is on her way home to join us.  I just opened several more beautifully written cards from dear friends, as well as my third hand-knit hat from Evy in California (beautiful green one)!  I also just opened a HOMEMADE nail polish color created just for me by my niece Maggie in San Diego.  It's called "Gaby's Ocean" and is a beautiful turquoise sea color with some sparkles, along with a lovely card from her.  I am gazing at some gorgeous flowers that arrived yesterday from my friend, Nancy, and remembering with fondness the dinner OUT we had last night courtesy of our good friends/neighbors, Laura and Jerry.  It was my first meal in a restaurant since I got sick and I enjoyed it so much.  Great food, wonderful conversation, and feeling like a normal person!  I am so content at this moment and feeling incredibly blessed.

One Scripture verse came up twice in two different devotional books Daniel and I were reading today.  So this is my verse for the day.  It is perfect.  "Cast all your cares on Him for He careth for you."  1 Peter 5:7 



  1. Gabrielle, just want you to know we are praying for you and appreciate your upbeat attitude. Your reference to I Peter 5:7 reminded me of the way JB Phillips renders this verse: "You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you are his personal concern."

    1. I love that version, Roger! Thanks for your prayers!!