Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Smooth sailing


Smooth sailing…at least for now.  Thankfully, not much is going on at present, so no big news to report.  Hair still where it belongs.  Appetite moderately good (still no interest in sweets), but still battling the nausea.  Pain is under pretty good control…the main area of concern is the abdominal port.  Walking a little more each day (singing “Feeling stronger every day” while she does it).  She and Daniel even went on an outing to U. Village where she bought four pairs of new reading glasses as the old ones weren’t quite strong enough.  No idea why that has changed. 

To borrow from that being on a sea voyage analogy, we seem to be enjoying a few days of calm sailing, though we have already weathered some storms and know that rougher seas lie ahead.  But we’ll take it.  Yesterday, Dr. Call, my practice partner told me of someone he knew who lost all his hair at about the two week mark.  Actually, he only lost the dark hair.  The gray hair hung on in there for a while.  If that’s Gabrielle’s case, any day now, she will be losing quite a bunch in a hurry, with maybe a solitary lone gray hair up top.  But we’re all set…the wig is due in on Friday and I’ve got the clippers all set so I can get a matching “do”. 

We keep getting encouraging cards in the mail and a few nice presents along the way.  There was another carton of fresh yogurt on the porch when I got up this morning.  Thanks, Mike!  Last night, we pulled out some chicken divan from the freezer that my patients, the Locks (getting good at HIPPA here…not their real last name) had sent over.  Quite tasty!  For dessert: ginger snickerdoodles, which were supposed to be all for Gabrielle, but I had one too.  Worked wonders on my appetite…am up two pounds.  So, all in all, we’re “steady as she goes”.  Will probably not post for a couple of days, till the next chemo session…unless something big happens.  That’s fine by me.

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