Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Dear family and friends,

Gabrielle here.  I am happy to report that my Saturday after chemo was pretty good!  Just a little nausea here and there.  In the morning, while Steve and our friend, Dean, swam at Golden Gardens, I walked up all those stairs from Golden Gardens up to 85th street.  It was the first exercise in a month where my heart pounded and I breathed hard and though I was slow, I made it! 

After exercise, Steve and I did some errands.  We bought him new swim goggles (that hopefully won't leak) and then we went to a bead store where he picked out some wooden and black beads that he is putting into a macrame string to represent each chemo treatment.  It was the cutest thing ever to see my husband as the only man in a bead store full of women picking out supplies to do his "craft!"  :-)

Then we went to the wig shop.  Unfortunately, the wig I ordered in the first go around didn't look great in the color it came in.  So I ordered another one in a bit darker color and it will be in next Friday.  I hope my own hair holds out until then.  This morning, it is still all here!

I can't tell you how precious it is to do these simple things in my Saturday.  Spending time with my husband, talking, being out and about.  I am reminded to be grateful for each new day of life and even for the ability to do the simple tasks of daily living!

Some kindnesses in my Saturday included a beautiful hand-stitched needlepoint card from a friend at church, a visit from my good friend Sue with the most wonderful dinner that Sue and her husband Steve made for us.  Chicken crepes, roasted vegetables, salad, and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.  It was divine!!  And in the evening, Renee's friends Kayla and Dani came to visit.  Kayla had made me a box of all her favorite ways to treat nausea!!  It had lots of ginger drinks and tea, great crackers, peppermint gum, and for when I'm NOT nauseous, cookies made by Kayla and Dani.  So thoughtful and practical!

One more kindness from this weekend involved sewing.  Some of you know I'm not very crafty.  In junior high sewing class, I got a "D" on my very first project--the Mother's Day apron.  I gave up on sewing very quickly after that.  Well, one of my favorite, softest pillowcases had a bad tear in it and my good friend Anna sewed it for me and gave it to Dean to give to me yesterday.  In addition to mending the tear, she embroidered my name on it and a Scripture reference for Psalm 27:13 which says:  "I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."  Thank you, Anna!! 

Today it is a beautiful sunny day in Seattle!  Steve and I will walk along the water at Edmonds and then enjoy visits from Frank, Heather, Marti, Merle, Anthony, and Kaylah.  Then there will be time to rest (I get weary around 4 p.m.) and in the evening, Dean will join us for dinner and Downton Abbey.  Today I am indeed seeing the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and I couldn't be more grateful.


P.S.  Steve is going to try to input a photo here of me sitting amongst some of the cards I've received!  As I have mentioned before, I love getting cards as they are so uplifting and encouraging.  We are all deeply touched by your warmth.  In the background to my left, there is a little brown bag with supplies from Fweedom (see prior post "Magic Man") along with a basket of tasty items for when I get the munchies.  Steve hopes I get the munchies soon so I can put on a few pounds.  Never been in the "must gain weight" mode before, but I'm trying.  Really I am.  Now, time for my walk. 


  1. You lift my spirits every time I read a post! What a grateful beautiful heart you have. Enjoy Downton tonight. The entire Estep clan will be doing the same, including a certain adolescent male.

  2. Wow, I am so happy and proud of you, sister-of-mine! What more can I say except that you are a beautiful inspiration.

    Love, Xan

  3. Love the photo-- surrounded by so much love! :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL picture! You are radiant :)