Monday, April 29, 2013

Hole-In-Wonderfuls Round 3!

Hello! Daniel here! As some of you may know, miniature golf is the new hobby my mom and I have chosen to help occupy our time during chemotherapy.  Miniature golf affords my mom and me the chance to explore new places, get outside, test our putting skills, and get our minds off pesky cancer! Our team name is the Hole-In-Wonderfuls, although we have yet to live up to our namesake by scoring a hole-in-one! We are confident it will come! :-)

Our third installment of mini golf brought us close to home, just down in Interbay, off 15th, is the beautiful Interbay Golf Center, which features a lovely 18 hole miniature golf course . Some things we loved about this course:
1. close proximity to our home in Shoreline
2. Wide selection of colorful golf balls to choose from
3. Multiple lengths of putters offered (great for those of us over 6')
4. Great landscaping, including several water features and a faux river that runs through the course
5. Genuine flags marking each hole! Not too common among miniature golf courses, and gives us the false impression that we are actual golfers!

It was a beautiful sunny day, and we were so thankful! It is much more fun golfing in the sun! We had a good round of golfing, mom was especially good today, beating me by several strokes overall. There was a bit of wind, which we tried to factor into our putting, mostly unsuccessfully, but we felt very cool licking our fingers and holding them up to the wind like we knew what we were doing. :-)

Below are some great pictures from "Hole-In-Wonderfuls-Part-3"! Of course, we brought along our team mascot, Mrs. Potatohead! Mom thought we should remove Mrs. Potatohead's hair, to make her resemble mom better! :-)

Mom tests out a golf cart, although I don't think we'll be needing it on our 18 hole miniature course.

Although I lost today, I was so thrilled to get out in the sun for a golf adventure with my mom!

Champion of the day Gabrielle, holds up the team mascot with pride!

Hole-In-Wonderfuls Round 3 at Interbay Golf Center in Seattle!

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  1. I hope you went out to eat a big celebratory meal as usual. I've got apple crisp here and I'm waiting to have more, once I know Gaby is keeping up her side of the eating deal!

    Hugs and prayers all around, to all you hole-in-wonderfuls and those related to you.