Monday, April 7, 2014

More love!

Second batch of We <3 Gabrielle photos! Thanks for the encouragement, friends!

Renée's friend Shannon, a teacher in Oregon, sent in these adorable pictures with her students:
 So cute!

 Renée's girlfriend Riley, her cousin Pete, her sister Ivy, and Pete's grouchy cat :)

 Riley and Ivy's fierce cat Sam is rooting for Gabrielle!

 Daniel's best friend Philip in front of his impressive art collection

 Our friend Anthony with his super cute new puppy!

 Renée's great friends Karissa and Peter

Our cute stripey friends Ami and Matt

 Gabrielle's friend Janet with some friends

And finally, this wonderful and impressive picture featuring tons of Gabrielle's old SPU coworkers.

We all love Gabrielle!!!

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