Monday, April 21, 2014

Off to Maui (her, not me)! Aloha!

Steve here.  Just a quick update:  Gabrielle is going to be hopping on a plane early tomorrow morning for a much anticipated getaway to Maui with two other persons of interest.  I can't be more specific as it might be a violation of HIPPA, though am not sure about that.  Does HIPPA extend to keeping confidential the details of how many lava flows someone is sipping by the pool while her husband stays home and does his best to stay out of mischief?  Anyhow, she'll be off in the sun and loving every minute of it (I hope).  I think the most difficult decisions she'll have to make all week will be things like  if it will be mahi mahi or ono in the fish tacos or whether to go to Big Beach (big fun!) or Little Beach (not sure what's over there).  Anyhow, she'll be out of the loop for the next week, so there most likely won't be any new updates.  Of course, that could all change in a heartbeat if she has an adventure like going on a spontaneous turtle ride or strolling up to George Clooney who might be staying nearby (who knows?).

We had a wonderful, restful weekend which was especially nice because it was Easter and Gabrielle didn't have to have chemo on Friday.  To pay for it, though, she has to have a triple dose of it the day after she gets back.  Yesterday featured brunch with the moms (Gloria and Abby) and a nice visit from Marti and Merle.  I especially liked the fact that Merle regaled me with his coyote hunting adventures among other things...imagine the skill of this guy...nailing one while barreling down Highway 167 at 65 mph!!  He is such a talented guy: one eye on the road, one for the scope, three fingers for the wheel, one for the rifle trigger, one for texting, two or three to hold his latte and one remaining middle finger for a friendly wave to all the tailgaters trying to horn in on the fun.  Wish I coulda been there! 

But back to Gabrielle.  After all, this isn't "Merle's Wild World of Hunting" or "Steve's How to bake a cherry pie" blog.  Gabrielle continues to be fatigued and is constantly fighting a sore throat, not from illness but from the chemo affecting the cells in her upper throat.  Makes it hard to talk (but not eat ice cream).  Continued prayers for energy and healing are much appreciated.

I will update any newsworthy items that may arise.  Till then, have a glorious week.  Enjoy yourselves and rest safe and sound knowing that there is one less coyote on the prowl for pet cats and such in the vicinity of Kent.

Oh and a quick addendum:  thanks so much to my mom for sending the most AMAZING chocolates over from Oh Chocolate!  They look fantastic and may be a tad too delicate for Gabrielle to pack into a suitcase, don't you think??  And thanks to Erin for dropping by with one of Gabrielle's favorite salads from Anthony's and a very nice chat over lunch.  She feels very much loved.  Oh, and that salad and those chocolates have given her some energy...she and Daniel are out walking to the store for dinner.  I hope they remember to bring some home...I'm getting hungry and am doing my best to let Gabrielle eat most of the chocolates.  I wonder what coyote meat tastes like.

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  1. Thank you for your continued updating. It shortens the distance. Thinking of each of you, Christine