Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chemo update

Hi, friends.  Steve here with a brief update...
Gabrielle had her dreaded triple chemo yesterday which was an all day affair.  It took an extra hour on the front end because there was a backup in the lab mixing concoctions for other patients (and you'da thunk she'd go to the front of the line by now).  After that, she needed an additional drip of magnesium as that's a tad low.  But after all was said and done, she rolled home about 5:00 PM and the first words out of her mouth (apart from the much anticipated, always dreaded, "wipe your feet") were "let's go for a power walk as I've been sitting all day".  So off we went!  I could barely keep up with her.  I don't know what Dr. M. but in the juice she gave Gabrielle, but I could use some of that pep about now.
We are delighted to report that Gabrielle's CA-125 has dropped!!!  As a reminder, it had a low of about 12 after initial diagnosis of around 130.  This recent recurrence saw a rise to 16 then to 20 in early April.  Right now it is around 14...a drop of 6 points (yep, I'm a math whiz), which is very encouraging.
So the plan is for another single treatment next week and we'll see how things go after that.
Need to dash along now.  I will leave a more complete blog to Gabrielle when she gets rolling.  As for me, I have to dash off to get my haircut then go for a brisk dip in the sound.  I'd tell you more about my adventures at the barber shop, but they have absolutely nothing to do with chemo, so will remain taciturn on the subject. 

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