Friday, June 20, 2014

Record time on triple chemo today!

Dear friends and family,

Just a quick note to say I made it through triple chemo today in only 4.5 hours!!!  This is a new record time!  It's partly because I had the best chemo nurse, Janelle, and partly because I started at 8 AM--before the hospital pharmacy got too backed up.  And since you are probably wondering, I beat Daniel at Scrabble.  :-)

Once I got home, I have felt quite nauseous and "had to" lie down for three Frasier episodes.  Renee joined me on the king bed for that little bit of luxurious rest.  I can see a Frasier for the 10th time and still laugh all through it.  The best sitcom EVER.

When Steve got home, he and I managed a short walk to the pharmacy for some anti-nausea pills (the little ones that melt on your tongue) and some Excedrin (for the headaches the little nausea pills give you).  We also grabbed fixings for amazing wheat bran/wheat germ muffins.  My chemo makes me chronically low in magnesium.  Two pills a day, as they prescribed, makes my guts too sick.  So they told me to take one magnesium pill a day and to up my intake of high magnesium foods.  Number one on the list is bran!  A little further down the list is wheat germ.  I just ate a muffin, warm out of the oven, and it was so good!  That's dinner tonight, along with a few apple slices and some herbal iced tea.

I am so, so grateful I was able to get treated today.  I will think of that every time I notice my nausea and weakness this week.  And this sunshine doesn't hurt my mood either.  Thanks be to God for all His blessings!


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