Monday, July 21, 2014

Just say no to crab

Dear friends and family,

Gabrielle here.  I am delighted to report that single chemo last Friday came off without a hitch.  The only thing off about my counts is my hematocrit is dropping again--from 35 after my last blood transfusion to 28.  The hematocrit is the percentage of the volume of whole blood that is made up of red blood cells.  As mine drops, I have less oxygen pumping through me and I get winded and my heart pounds upon going up inclines or exerting myself too in, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, etc!  ;-) We will keep an eye on it and I'm guessing either this week or next I will get another transfusion.

Daniel went to chemo with me Friday because Renee is on a mission trip with her LYONS (Lutheran Youth of North Seattle) high schoolers.  They will be doing a variety of inner city ministry/service in beautiful, foggy San Francisco.  I hope she brings me back a home made tube of salami from our favorite SF deli--Molinari's.  If you ever go to SF, you must eat a made to order sandwich at Molinari's.  Seriously--it's the BEST. 

We had a special treat over the weekend, with a visit from my junior high/high school friend from Chicago, and her daughter, from Dallas.  We went boating, but didn't take them crabbing because after Steve has caught 40 crabs in the past two weeks, I can't stand the thought of crab!  I was eating it all through a bad week of nausea last week and now have developed a strong aversion.  I realize this is a "first world, 1% problem!"  :-)

Thank you for your continued prayers, love, and support.  We love you back!


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